“Kaliyani is an Angel with a voice that will transform your soul, and take you to a place of brilliant light, and vibrant, full bliss. Her inner and outer beauty is stunning, and her heart is full, and brimming with pure Shakti. Get ready to be moved and lifted by Kaliyani”

C.C. White – Soul Kirtan Singer

Kaliyani’s music is innovative and passionate, her voice heart-opening.
Thomas Barquee Singer, musician, producer

Singing came to me unexpectedly, revealed itself suddenly, and undeniably demanded my attention, especially because of the emotionally evocative nature of what was being expressed and the feedback on the juxtaposition between my singing and speaking voices….In a sense it is true since I feel a definite presence with me every time. In truth I see it as that instead of singing, I feel I’m actually being sung… this voice comes thru me yet it is in a sense not mine…
Fierce Love,

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