“Kaliyani is an Angel with a voice that will transform your soul, and take you to a place of brilliant light, and vibrant, full bliss. Her inner and outer beauty is stunning, and her heart is full, and brimming with pure Shakti. Get ready to be moved and lifted by Kaliyani”

C.C. White – Soul Kirtan Singer

Kaliyani’s music is innovative and passionate, her voice heart-opening.

Thomas Barquee Singer, musician, producer

“From the opening of the first track, I was mesmerized. I recognized my own cry, my own sound that I was unable to make. Kaliyani had captured the holographic, visionary gateway that lead to the realm that one could really only call, gnosis. Her fantastic primordial cry, reminded me how much I needed to hear Her, and when I heard Her voice my heart exploded into a gazillion pieces. Listening to Kaliyani is a sheer joy-ride, an experience of heavenly wind in your hair and a fore-taste of Eden’s return.”

Anaiya Sophia, Author of Sacred Sexual Union & The Rose Knight

“When I first heard “Nammu’s Invocation” I was swept away by its beauty. Kaliyani’s creative artistry reveals hidden wonders and great depths to be explored and absorbed and it is as easy as just letting go and letting her music flow over you, lift you and take you on an adventure of the heart and imagination. Take flight! Bravo, Kaliyani.”

Leigh J. McCloskey; Artist, author, actor and visual philosopher. Founder of Olandar Foundation For Emerging Renaissance

“Kaliyani’s music is transformational. As I listened, I was transported to a higher vibration, instantly feeling relief from all stress and tension. Nammu’s Invocation is a true celebration of the Divine feminine within me.”

Sandra Aube – Spiritual Psychologist, M.A.

“When I first heard Nammu’s Invocation I was completely mesmerized by the incredibly deeply connected transmissions coming through Kaliyani… I was in awe. Each time I listened, my awareness of the compassion and deep reverence of Divine Love that I was feeling made me weep from deep within my soul and I realized what a beautiful healing I was receiving from the energy and frequency flowing through. “

Heidi Woodlard – Life Concierge and Creator of The Unsung Goddess Radio Show

“Kaliyani’s music invokes an ancient wisdom that is beyond words and unnamable. It touches your core knowing essence with something so deep and re-memorable. The experience of her voice is an activation of core ancient goddess wisdom.”

Ava Deiki, CA-Raw Chef

“The love in Kaliyani’s voice is so pure, beautiful and divine it will move you to tears. Few voices have moved in that way… Kaliyani’s is one of them.”

Debo Grim, Angel Channel

“After listening to Nammu’s Invocation I keep going back to the feeling of being deeply uplifted. Kaliyani has captured a purity and an essence with this song that is relaxing and inspiring! Well done. This song reflects the multi dimensional person that you are. Aloha”.

Valerie Swift – Actor, singer, dancer

“Nammu’s Invocation is a call for the goddess to rise into her fullness. A wave of energy moves up my spine and spontaneously dances me into a powerful state of presence as I feel SHE has arrived! Kaliyani’s voice is a direct transmission of the goddess and a gift that cannot be denied!

Janice Craig, Founder of Aloha Namaste

“Kaliyani’s voice echo’s through the ear, then runs circles around your heart. You can feel each song become one with a story deep within you, drawn to the surface by the angelic overtones. There is a cinematic quality that is larger than life to the voice that resonances from this being. I used a sample from her music for a trailer I was making. I played it for the PR team at the Oscars and they commented on the music, the power, the grandeur. … this music has been waiting to find you– you can dive in now & enjoy– surrender… her beauty is both physically alluring and brilliantly bold…. she will surprise you with the accent tones that sign the sweetness, the sorrow, the juxtaposition of living. Kaliyani’s is a mystic force– what that means is up to you– listen & testify for yourself.”

Layla Love Photographic Art