Jinxed to Death

On our first morning in Bishop we were looking at videos about the infamous place we were about to venture into. Death Valley, simply the hottest place on earth. It was May and the weather was signaling to the locals that for anyone willing to go into it at that time you had to be a loco! No, its not a misspelling, no locals were loco enough to do that according to our survey, we were it!… And… we went on meandering about the possibility of getting a flat tire during the 40mile rough road stretch. What would it be of us? Would we even survive? ”Let’s load the car with gallons of water and snack bars” said Wolfi. “We are risking our own lives for a single shot!, said Riz… “Technically we could die!” Oh, well, guess what? At about 10 miles from the giants and about 30 miles into the Valley of death…Pfff!!! “What?! This car has no jack?!”… (for more check the video gallery for a real live kick on this. Yes! We caught the whole thing on camera!)