Yes. It is an honor, and a very comfortable place to be, for many of us who have found our humble placement within the small Spiritual bubble of heightened awareness within the greater awakened reality of conscious community. However we should not rest in this liberating comfort that came with freeing ourselves from the grip of some of the programming that held us hostage and paralyzed by fear, making us feel either inferior, utterly confused, robbed of dignity, uninspired, violated, or even for some, utterly evil… This happens to be a very old feminine wound that is slowly but surely announcing that, in a broader evolutionary timeline sense – think yugas – its reaching its completion in service to our evolution and almost ready to exit this planet… Right?! From within our bubble; sure.

However, under a more elevated view, we can gain a better sense of the context that we; the soul family, the rainbow tribe, the new age wisdom surfers and light working explores of the meta-realities; take. We are a very small drop in this oceanic blue planet’s prevailing unconscious and subconscious currents that still so sadly run the gamut of the unconscious choices, responses, initiatives, economies, religions, social structures, education, and all; which will still require so much immeasurable work ahead of us to lift into the light as we sit in the edge of potential annihilation. We are running out of time to reform this old mystery school before we get a moment’s notice of eviction for not paying our dues, for if we keep this up, the architects of conscience will need to implode the unrecoverable existing structures before rebuilding anew. Gaia will shake off the irritant excess from her fur, like a mama bear stepping out of the river on a sunny day and will, while happily resting, wait out till the big bright star fluffs her up all over again. She will be fine… in time. We? The only real losers.

This is a very crucial time in which we, the privileged few, can no longer afford to fall asleep, loose discernment, and fall pray to the lurking traps and covert ego operations. We need keep waking up within the dream to lucid realities that continue to affect all of us regardless of the bubble’s comforting effect.
One of them, being the spreading of the moral corrupting virus of Spiritual Materialism that uniquely assails our community. This unfortunate “disease,” which I see as one of the biggest threats to our spiritual progress, is so, due to the fact that it is very hard for even the most pure-hearted and well-intentioned innocent soul-surfer to detect. So, it requires from us the highest level of vigilance, authentic presence, fortitude and courage to stand ever stronger in our discernment of the core values that defines one as truly illumined by embodied wisdom, as differentiated by the mentally rehearsed spiritual mimicry ultimately devoid of heart.

The primary symptom of Spiritual-Materialism, feels like one is carrying a “higher-than” “Spiritual” honorary chip on the shoulder that makes the morally afflicted, an unconscious spiritual elitist, that is bound to cause way much more harm than good. Such harm usually caused by the secondary symptoms of ‘Separation By Cast’ and the consequent gross judgment that is placed on our humble “uninitiated” brothers or sisters. Mind you these are all internal processes only detectable by the most refined of senses in those awakened and aware. At this advanced state, the afflicted will experience delusional thoughts of grandeur and a narcissistic overconfidence that is bound to impress some while at the same time create much confusion and distortions in the field of those close to them.

Where has this virus come from? And how did it get implanted into our system? The theories are many and some quite ‘out-there’ within the cosmic-conspiracy theorists; however that should not deviate our focus from what matters most: The understanding of what are the true spiritual and moral values that signal true soul advancement and how to recognize them in subliminal day-by-day personal choices that exist outside of the masking fog of ritualistic spiritual performance.

The exploration, understanding, recognition and practice of these core foundational principles and moral–spiritual values hold the key to the gates leading to the straightest paths to ascension like nothing else can. No matter how many times you may have spun your Merkahba while spirally dancing over perfect Fibonacci lines. These feeling frequencies, like pure-tone sound vibrations are the only true “Golden Mean”, which is incorruptible and irrevocably aligned with the highest codes of consciousness.
So which are they, and how do they manifest in embodied action? Such meditational contemplation has led me through intricate and different paths but they always converged in significant points of this branching tree of life like geographical coordinates for the soul’s globe sacred sights, revealing to me the masterful plan within the mundane, and the most brilliantly simple truths about the latitudes of conscience.

These are deeply philosophical explorations that require profound inner reflections that won’t be reached by the quick id-satisfying knee-jerk response our minds are so addicted to. It is also not going to be found within the overarching broad stroke of LOVE’s paintbrush. It requires a much more detailed analysis of the intricate myriad of hues, pigments, dyes and the breakdown of all~chemical components of LOVE’s paint, to its most primordial elements. What makes LOVE, LOVE? A meditation proposal, a true mystics quest: What are the most primordial manifest qualities and values that most fundamentally mirror the God essence and full attainment of soul consciousness while in the flesh?

Fierce Love!

Kaliyani ❤️