There’s a new being in my life filling me with rainbow light cosmic sounds…

Check out Kaliyani’s newest sacred sound entity!
This is far more than an instrument, more like a transducer of heavenly frequencies! ~~~

Also, here’s to the Double Joy of celebrating having one my best friends officially becoming my music agent! That’s right!!!!

Thank you Wolfi for continuing to be the angel that you are in my life, and I want to also thank Tzevaot (meaning: Army of Angels) for continuing to do the work of creating these precious divine instruments in accord to the impeccability of the original creators, of the Hang Drum by PANart.

Definitely feeling blessed in this journey that is filled with promises, so stay tuned for more amazing news coming to you/us all soon and please send me your blessings of love & Light that this year may continue to unfold for all of us with immense openings and showers of serendipitous grace as we all embrace the new light of our destinies with open wide wings. 💫👼🏼💫