Letting Go

Letting Go When we finally let go of that which no longer serves us, or realize that it really never did, and that we were saying yes to something that was contrary to our soul’s inner knowing due to some cultural, familial or religious conditioning… that’s true awakening…

When we finally liberate ourselves from the illusion of fear impinged on us through agendas that aimed to create separation from ourselves and one another as a means to control…That’t illumination…

When we realize that that which we have so long sought and believed to exist only outside of ourselves and realize our inherent birthright to our own divinity…Only then we stand a chance to become one with The All…

"I believe in a spiritual world – not as anything separate from this world – but as its innermost truth. With the breath we draw we must always feel this truth that we are living in God. Born in this great world, full of the mystery of the infinite...whose nature we have discovered in some measure, in human love, in the greatness of the good, in the martyrdom of heroic souls, in the ineffable beauty of nature, which can never be a mere physical fact nor anything but an expression of the “Supreme." Rabindranath Tagore#

Jinxed to Death

On our first morning in Bishop we were looking at videos about the infamous place we were about to venture into. Death Valley, simply the hottest place on earth. It was May and the weather was signaling to the locals that for anyone willing to go into it at that time you had to be a loco! No, its not a misspelling, no locals were loco enough to do that according to our survey, we were it!… And… we went on meandering about the possibility of getting a flat tire during the 40mile rough road stretch. What would it be of us? Would we even survive? ”Let’s load the car with gallons of water and snack bars” said Wolfi. “We are risking our own lives for a single shot!, said Riz… “Technically we could die!” Oh, well, guess what? At about 10 miles from the giants and about 30 miles into the Valley of death…Pfff!!! “What?! This car has no jack?!”… (for more check the video gallery for a real live kick on this. Yes! We caught the whole thing on camera!)

The wound is the place where the light enters you Rumi#

Rituals and mother earth

There is great value of meditation and many of the rituals of connecting with spirit. But I find it to be a dangerous trap when people get too dogmatic in their practice. Equating only their way of connecting as the right way. People then lose the purpose of the ritual because they end up doing it in a restrictive almost punitive way. And then they get out of flow in that moment. And connecting with spirit is all about flow. I don’t believe Spirit or the mystery wants that from us. And I think that is the main problem with people who are disappointed with their practice. It’s not about doing it for a length of time it’s about doing it “right”. It’s being in the flow. Honoring your soul.

My favorite form of ritual is to commune with nature. Open eye meditation, which Buddhists call contemplation, is when my eyes are open and I’m just allowing everything to penetrate: the light of everything, the color of everything and a feeling of connecting with the beauty of creation because it is a manifestation of God.

Sometimes when I’m planting my garden and I am feeling my connection so deeply I’m become completely one with the flowers and can see the incredible fascinating world of the flower or vegetables growing out of the plants in my garden. I can spend hours doing that. That is my communion with God.

My garden is a sacred place not only in my backyard but living and pulsing inside my own heart…It is a mirror in great service reflecting my own evolutionary unfolding… As I cultivate, it blossoms and lights up with shaktified colors and pranic vitality… so it is inside here at the center of my soul star…shining brighter every time I play a part in the sprouting of a new seed… in the heart of a client, fan, loved one, or a complete “stranger”(as if such thing really exists!)…Loving life and witnessing miracles unfolding…

On my recent trip to Tahiti…as I was coming down a path into these great forests it was like we were in another dimensional reality. You could feel it the spirits everywhere. So when I think what we’ve done to the earth it’s sad. We are so caught up in the engine of doing. I feel I have to do this or that there are not enough hours in the day. I love every time a can be a part of bringing green into the world.

endless waves of bliss

Today was my first day back from the Soulful Women’s Retreat dive into yet another four archetypes of the divine feminine at Harbin Hot Springs. Time for integration after shedding many more layers towards the core essence of being, letting go of that which no longer serves my evolutionary impulse…Deep waves of mind obliterating surrender into the authentic expression of my sentience…honoring the mystery and the medicine in all of my feeling body…committing to no longer scrutinize my emotions and try to explain, rationalize, sensor or make wrong anything that may bubble up from the well of my womb…I am whole and holy just as I am… Feeling touched by the beauty of the soul connection with all the soul sisters in that group who are a living example of naked authenticity and love in action…feeling you all and loving and cherishing each memory and many gifts you sent me home with…sending you endless waves of bliss till next time in July!

Next preparing to leave again for phase two of the music video shoot from Tuesday through Thursday/Friday Headed to Death Valley, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and Yosemite. Not a dull moment as life has taken me by my moon horns and invited me into a wild and sacred dance that leaves no room for pointless mind chatter…in the flow and surrendered in the rebirthing of each moment with deep gratitude and humility…