Before I heard the calling to share my voice in song, I was creatively involved in the development of a documentary film on the Divine Feminine with Stargate Alliance. One late night while alone in meditation, to my amazement, I was directed by Spirit to create the music for this film. Needless to say, without any formal training, there I began my battle with resistance…

However, my love for the Mother was burning so hot, soooo bright and so strong in my belly, that the absolute urge to allow Her expression through me won me over. If I didn’t give in, the feeling was that I would have burned to ashes in that sacred fire. That’s when Nammu’s Invocation came through.

In that surrender, Divine Mother took my hands and carried me through, showing me the way, leading me effortlessly into each next step as if in a magical choreographed dance, with no mistakes…

So many have asked me how, and the answer is just as hard for me to give as it is for anyone to understand…I guess miracles are not created from logical steps and that’s how I can best explain.

That’s why for me, the music is so much more directly connected to the sharing of a message than to the joy of singing itself. Such message is deeply rooted in the sacred feminine and its rising up from the depths of humanity’s consciousness again like the sun, shedding light into those forgotten parts of us that need to be acknowledged and reactivated in order to bring back the balance we once had and for so long has been lost.

Nammu Invoked through music and imagery the words of many sages past, and now Inanna is ready to begin a bold dialog of inspiration exploring it and more… I believe we are all ready to unite on this and make a big loving fuss about all that we need to speak of, grow conscious, clear out, and express with great fierce love, hope and enthusiasm, for the renewal of life in much greater joyful balance and wholeness.

Fierce Love!

Kaliyani ❤️