Many people have asked me about the meaning of Nammu’s Invocation music video and what was I trying to say with it. One of the most asked questions is regarding the symbolism around the Black Panther. They say they can feel it’s power and the meaning is understood mostly from a non-intellectual vantage point, but that they wish they could put a finger on it.

So I thought, as we closely approach over 450,000 views on You Tube, this is a great moment to bring to light the archetypal symbolism built into its making… and why not start with the Black Panther.

As an archetypal energy, the Black Panther is an ancient totem/spirit animal associated with death and rebirth, the moon, mysticism and the life and power in the dark of the night. It is a symbol for the feminine mysteries and usually signaling ‘a time of rebirth after a period of suffering and death on some level’ implying the final resolution old an old issue through reclaiming of powers once lost. It represents the Dark Mother, the awakening of the kundalini and the reclaiming of one’s true power, amongst a few other things.

In the arc of the story on this music video, the black panther is alluding to the end of an unconscious human cycle in this planet when our values have been distorted by egoic agendas and where the misuse of power has ravaged our home to the brink of self destruction. The panther announces the beginning of a resolution to the imbalance through an opening of the gates of consciousness to receive, embody and integrate the sacred feminine back into our collective and individual souls and thus into our culture, for a rebalancing of our energetic polarities and our reintegration into wholeness.

The desert, which was the location of the first part of the video, represent the immanence, or descent of the archetypal presence of the Sacred Feminine upon the earth, the personification of this primordial force and its grieving over the distortions of humankind and the destruction such distortions have caused.


Dressed in black I grieve over the desert of infertility, the raping of the earth, mirroring the dryness of our own hearts… oppression, war, famine, poverty and suffering… This descent signifies an imminent and urgently needed return to our primordial womb, source of all original creation through Love, if we are to continue to exist as an evolutionary stargate for consciousness to expand and evolve.
The collective awakening to wholeness through the reintegration, and exaltation of the Shakti force, the sacred in the feminine, and its integral values back into our hearts, minds and souls and thus into the constructs of our reality, culture and community. This brings about the necessary polarity balance that needs to be in place for a true return to innocence and rebirthing into our true and essential oneness.

The midpoint of this video speaks of a period of gestation after the fierce determination and fierce love action by the divine feminine archetype represented in the black panther (see above). A dive into the deep waters of the earth, representing the womb of the planet; a period of rebirthing, recreating, reconsecrating. The promise of a new consciousness rising from the edge of annihilation as we embrace our wholeness through Her from integration of the sacred feminine in all dimensions of being…

Fierce Love,