Oceana by Riz Story

Amazing news everyone!

I’m really excited to share another synchronistic opportunity has graced my path as I have been invited to collaborate for the soundtrack of a powerful documentary called Oceana, by Riz Story. This movie aims to bring awareness and hope for the tragic loss of our corals, threatening many fish species and the oxygen supply of our planet aside from the extraordinary heritage of their intricately unique beauty…

Amazingly, Jon Anderson will also be another featured singer in this blessed project! I couldn’t me more excited and honored by this meeting with destiny!

The movie will be completely shot in 4K and is narrated by our beautiful two-time Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Jacqueline Bisset.

There’s a way for you to know more by registering to the Ocean Society in the website to receive news on the coral crisis and updates on the production!
You can explore it all below!

Let’s start with the soundtrack page 

Please, sign up and get involved spreading this awareness!

Cheers and much Love,