Nammu’s Invocation and A Winter Rose

Nammu’s Invocation, the mother track of my upcoming EP titled ‘Immanence’, for which the music video launch is about to happen in only a couple of days from now, has been picked up by an independent feature film and the it plays in almost its entirety during the most poignant scene in this deeply moving story. To top that this beautiful film, called ‘A Winter Rose’ was chosen as No.1 amongst thousands by Dancing With Films Festival, and is having it’s world premier at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood this May 29th!!!

‘A Winter Rose’ features a female protagonist rising from the ashes of abandonment issues to the glory of her destiny to live up to be her own mythic Self as an extraordinary singer/song writer. Casting includes Billy Zane, Paul Sorvino, Thereza Russel & Taryn Manning to name a few.
Warning: It’s a delightful and undeniable tear jerker… so get your hankies on for the premier! The tickets are now available here.